What does the Pakistan establishment want?

A new crop has been planted!

When is the first one to be cut?

(Sajjad Lakha)

The establishment, at the wedding of the beguines, goes on dancing unceasingly to the tune of Abdullah Deewana. This stupor has deprived him of all results. He has put his honour at stake. He is not ready to learn anything from the terrible tremors of February 8 and the earthquake. "The stubbornness is raising slogans of my compulsion. Despite Commissioner Rawalpindi's press conference, she is not backing down.

The whole country is shut down.The two provinces are virtually closed.The state of Pakistan is becoming a joke all over the world. It is the world's seventh nuclear power. which has virtually abolished all its institutions, not just the controversial ones. Hunger is an allergy.

The establishment, which considered itself to be the "sage" of every intellect and every problem. The mouth is dry, the senses are dull, and the senses are dull. It's understanding. It doesn't believe. "Kidnapping" at gunpoint.
A "technician" has put everyone in the forefront. Despite being unsuccessful and exposed, he insists that he be considered a "hakim al-amat."
He wasn't trained for the job. He is determined to do it.
He goes to solve real-life bitterness and failures with a new beautiful actress named Facilitation Council.

Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan said that I said one thing to the three dictators (Ayub, Zia, Musharraf), they changed their sides and sat down.The scribe told him what you said so that he was forced to change the "aspect." The Nawab, who has a vision of centuries, scoffed at the truth and said that new faces, not politics, are introduced in the film world.

Shah Ahmad Noorani after making a long preamble to Zia-ul-Haq said that you make a promise. You won't refuse. I will do my job.

Zia-ul-Haq, becoming the packer of Ajju Anksari, said that Shah Sahib should give the order. There is no question of denial. I have a lot of respect for your family. I used to go to your grandfather's mosque in Jalandhar with my father for Friday prayers.

Shah Ahmad Navarani said that President Sir, make me a "General."
Zia-ul-Haq jumped from his place.And he said very surprisingly that Shah Sahib you do not know how to become a general.He took the first test. ایس۔ ایس۔ I missed a lot, including B, Kakul, Command and Staff College War Course. Shah Sahib, very impressively, rolled his eyes and asked if the general was really so difficult to make.
General Zia-ul-Haq puffed out his chest and said what else. The Shah,
At this, Shah Ahmad Noorani said to Zia-ul-Haq with a sigh of relief that if a general is made with so much difficulty, then how do you think that "this politician, what happens, is born at night.
Hearing this, Zia-ul-Haq's colors faded.Shah Ahmad Noorani was amused by their raucous laughter.
Hillary Clinton had said that Pakistan is a deep state. But in the last few years, especially, our deeds and struggles have proved that "we are not deep, we are deep state." The people do not believe in his right to rule and are rejecting his consciousness. His young men are being encouraged to take up arms in the competition.
President Arif Alvi also said that we had brought good people into politics by making promises.What's happening with them?Who is going to get them out of politics?
If there are no answers to the questions of the youth, it does not mean that you send a policeman to their house and close the tutor.satisfy the youth.Millions of young people voted for democracy.I'm in danger if you don't believe their vote They don't go any other way.

"Addressing the professionals' event, he said," "You tell me who would want to join politics, including you, in these circumstances." ""The President is right, but you are trying to counter his narrative.You see him as a worker of a political party, not the President of Pakistan.

Dr. Arif Alvi is a very serious and loving person.You have also forced them to break.it's obviously how helpless they feel.What kind of country is this? Where there is no respect for the president There is no respect for teachers.

That is why today the state is not facing any challenge on any front.
Despite enriching the country, some are not ready to learn. If not for Bangladesh, there would have been 450 million people today. 
Today there are 25.After 5 years, it will be 30 crores. 
The critical time has not ended for 77 years.

 What have you achieved by making the country a security state for 77 years?They are ranked 7th in the world only in Cattle Farming. There are all kinds of weather and land.
 The most fertile land and people. Sixty percent of the population is young. Poverty and unemployment, then the sky is the limit. Pakistan's establishment and elite class are not ready to forgive their own people.She wants to squeeze everything out of him, making him a shovel.

Who is in possession of resources and land today? People from generation to generation are enslaving you. 
People are dancing to your tunes. 
From the police to the courts, from the police station to the secret chambers, the secret chambers are the secret chambers. Hospitals are stores. 
Factories are the blood-sucking centres of the workers. 
The poor man's child has failed. 
If someone goes up, the system traps him and makes him its slave.
Two, the rupee dollar has been hovering at 280, back from Rs 335, in 77 years. The external and internal debt has crossed $120 billion. 

The total revenue collection is 9400 billion, so this year 8,300 billion will be needed for debt servicing.The remaining 51 per cent will be given to the states. They also have their own salads. 

The nation's flag was raised. In the case of electricity alone, seven to eight thousand billion are being extracted from the bones of the people in addition to the cost of production. 26 billion electricity and probably the same amount of gas. 

There are about 18 billion Japanese only. Why are they not hung on the squares, the intersections? Those who made great deals like 'Kapsti Payments. "Today, our company remains the biggest protector of these oppressors and the worst.
Pakistan's zero-rated industry has taken so many concessions in the name of foreign exchange. And they think this country is doomed. They also pay the salaries of their employees from the national exchequer.
In these papers, India exports to China.Our industry has built "Burj Khalifa" and not "Taj Mahal" of electricity, gas and tax evasion.
If all the tax revenue today, whatever it is. It has to be taken from salaries, electricity, gas, petrol, banks and advance tax. Taxes are paid multiple times. on an electric bill. ایس۔ Instead of T17, more than fifty percent is being received. 

Thirteen rupees is a unit. It goes from 50 to 100 rupees. The amount being charged ranges from Rs 37 to Rs 87. What is he? 15 also on Capacity charges of Rs. ایس۔ Let's explain the t. 7.5% on fuel adjustment. ایس۔ T-Financial Quarterly Adjustments and those who do not borrow discos. There's L. پی۔ Well, let's look at the financial. And yesterday, the cost of production of crude oil and gas, the royalty received by the government on it and how the people are being "killed." They also make it clear. Today, 70% of our requirement is gas, 60% is L. پی۔ It produces 30% oil. 
What is the benefit to the nation? Do tell me.
The model on which and through which you have run this country. He is everyone's bitch.
The plant that grows in your nursery, whether it is a politician or a bureaucrat, a Seth or a technocrat, a lawyer or a journalist, why only he develops.
Why don't you go back to your experiences?It's been 77 years. 

The child of the country, not the child, who has not yet been born.He is also indebted.
You didn't win the war. It's not fighting anymore. Not me, all this was also believed by your previous commander General Bajwa. An army that doesn't have the oil to run tanks.Why is he being tried for treason by journalists instead of his general?
Housing societies, factories, businesses, you did not have a mandate. 

You've done it all by force. You have the lands. The Investment, Facilitation Council is at your disposal. what the nation has achieved.
Today the nation is buying health, education, security, water, everything. You have thrown it before international and 'national refugees "in the most horrific way. As the heart wants. squeezes them.

 You are so cruel that you have eaten up the money of the next generation. And they wouldn't know. Whose debt are they paying?
What do U want? We will be happy if you declare us slaves. You don't believe the mandate. You do not respect the wishes and aspirations of the nation.This is not the law of morality. This country is not safe for you. After all, what do you want?
Today's accident
It's new tomorrow. the accident will be forgotten.
"(Syed Sadiq)